Doggie Daycare Series 1

Doggie Daycare is open for business! Join siblings Shawn (9) and Kat (7) Choi as they start their own pet-sitting service out of their San Francisco home. Every dog they meet has its own special personality, sending the kids on fun (and furry) adventures all over the city!

Bouncer’s name fits him perfectly. The Jack Russell terrier is definitely full of energy. But when Shawn and Kat agree to take Bouncer for a long weekend, they discover just how much energy—and mischief—Bouncer has. Can Shawn and Kat find a way to keep Bouncer calm before he’s their first and last Doggie Daycare customer?


Fifi is a pampered show dog entrusted to Shawn and Kat for the week. The siblings are under strict orders to limit the bichon frise’s time outdoors. But Fifi proves to be a terror. She barks too much, chews on the furniture, and even attacks the toilet paper. Can Shawn and Kat find a way to keep Fifi under control before their family forces them to close their Doggie Daycare business for good?

Star is a playful Siberian husky that needs a lot of exercise. She’s well-trained, so Shawn and Kat let her off leash at the park. But Star gets excited and accidentally knocks a little girl to the ground. Furious, the girl’s mother insists that Star leave the park. Can Shawn and Kat find a way to channel Star’s energy before she is banned from the park forever?

Buddy is an eight-year-old goldendoodle who loves to play hide-and-seek . . . at least he used to. Buddy is losing his vision and can’t do many of his favorite activities anymore. So when he comes to Doggie Daycare, Shawn and Kat try to find something that will bring the old Buddy back. What will it take to get Buddy’s tail wagging again?


Excerpt from Most Valuable Puppy

Chapter 1: Bouncer

“How about a kimchi stand?” asked Shawn. He popped a piece of the spicy pickled cabbage into his mouth. “You know, like a lemonade stand.”

Kat, his younger sister, made a face. “Blech!” she said. “No one likes kimchi.”

“Try telling that to the 50 million Korean people who eat it every day,” Shawn shot back.

“We need to think of a super fabulous summer project idea before school gets out. Not a smelly one,” Kat said.

“Let’s go to the park,” Shawn said. “I think better outside.”

The San Francisco morning fog hovered around them as they left their house. A car drove past, then stopped.

“Shawn! Kat! Come meet Bouncer!” their friend Mitchell called from the car window.

The two ran up and looked in. Mitchell’s sister Sasha sat next to him with a small dog in her lap. It had short white fur with black and tan patches.

“Arf! Arf! Arf arf arf arf arf!” barked the dog.

Shawn quickly backed away. Kat leaned in and slowly reached out a hand. “Hello, Bouncer,” she said. The dog licked her. Kat giggled.

“Can Sasha and I walk the rest of the way home?” asked Mitchell.

“Sure,” said his father, Mr. Warren. Sasha opened the car door.

A brown and white blur shot out of the car.

“Bouncer!” Sasha screamed.

The little dog raced down the street. Shawn chased after him. The other kids followed.

Bouncer ran into the park.

Two older boys were playing catch with a Frisbee. One boy sent it sailing through the air. Bouncer leapt up.

He caught the Frisbee in his mouth.

“Whoa!” yelled the boy.

“Gotcha!” cried Shawn, grabbing Bouncer.

Sasha ran up and attached Bouncer’s leash.

“Arf! Arf! Arf!” Bouncer barked, running in circles.

Mr. Warren watched from the car, frowning.

Uh oh, thought Shawn.