About Me

Like many authors who write for children, I grew up as an avid reader.


Books were my portal into the world.


They allowed me, a cautious and introverted child, to be a bold explorer.


Books affected me so profoundly, I was tremendously grateful they existed. 


As a child of Korean immigrants, I also didn’t see myself in a lot of those books I read. Now, as a children’s writer, I love being able to create stories for kids that pique their interest in new subjects, that entertain them, and that expand their worlds. I also love being able to include characters and subjects that share the Korean-American experience with kids.


I’ve lived on both coasts (grew up in California, spent a chunk of my career in Washington, DC) and am now in the middle south in Texas (which, btw, is never described as “middle south”–I just made that up). 


I write picture books, chapter books, nonfiction and fiction, and hope to branch out into middle grade as well.


I’m also a member of SCBWI, a Children’s Book Academy graduate, #PBChat 2019 mentee (with Katey Howes!), and 2020 Austin SCBWI Cynthia Leitich Smith Writer Mentee (with Liz Garton Scanlon!).